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Re: FESCo Meeting Minutes for 2006-08-17

Hans de Goede schrieb:
> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>>  * AWOL package process started for ignacio as he has a bunch of
>> packages that others might have to pick up as dependencies.
> Ouch, may I ask what the story is here? Judging from the list of
> packages he maintains (search for ivazquez ivazquez net in owners.list).
> He is (once was ?) a very active FE member, I don't think we want to
> loose him.

Agreed, that why warren offered to call him via telephone; look at the
full IRC log for details:

(10:10:58) abadger1999: For ignacio specifically, has the AWOL packagers
process been started?
(10:11:26) dgilmore: abadger1999: no  but it really needs to
(10:11:32) jwb: agreed
(10:11:41) bpepple: dgilmore: +1
(10:11:48) warren: Want me to attempt to use non-email to contact him?
(10:11:52) BobJensen: dgilmore: +1
(10:11:57) warren: Ask him what he wants us to do with his packages.
(10:12:00) abadger1999: warren: +1
(10:12:05) thl: warren, maybe that would be a good idea
(10:12:08) c4chris: warren, +1
(10:12:09) Daveman: :o
(10:12:15) tibbs: If someone has his phone number, it would certainly be
a good idea to try it.
(10:12:21) BobJensen: I tried calling all I got was VM
(10:12:36) Daveman: FC6?
(10:12:36) dgilmore: warren: +1
(10:12:42) warren: I'll give it a try.

> I also feel that the AWOL process was not created for the
> likes of him, but more for Johnny 1-shot package.
> So what is the story? Is he completly not responding? Or? I would really
> like to know if there are personal circumstances (in which case there is
> nothing we can do) or if for some reason he and FE have grown apart, and
> if tis the latter why? Hopefully we can keep him aboard and at the very
> least we should learn from this.

I currently prefer a solution like this if he doesn't show up again in
time: Interested contributors take over his packages for now; when he
shows up again he gets them back (if he wants them back).


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