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Re: Ignacio / php-json

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Sat, 19 Aug 2006 14:28:42 -0500, Brandon Holbrook wrote:

Ouch, may I ask what the story is here? Judging from the list of
packages he maintains (search for ivazquez ivazquez net in owners.list).

I've gone ahead and answered https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=198564 for Ignacio's php-json package. Bumped to latest upstream and successfully built.

Important: I've excluded the results of this build job from the next push.

If you read the bug report, the reporter mentions that Ignacio has
published a working/newer version for FC5. Your changes to the devel
branch in CVS differ from Ignacio's FC-5 version. Further, you mention
a "New Maintainer" in the %changelog, which is not official yet for
this package, is it? I'd like to see the following policy in action

...I guess I'm a little confused here. The bug reports mentions nothing about a working version for FC5, only that a working version of 1.2.1 is in FEdevel and the requestor would like to see that update backported for FC5, which I did. Granted, I also did some general housekeeping while I was in there, like consistent macro usage and the new PHP Macros approved by the Packaging Committe. I wasn't trying to be misleading by putting "New Maintainer" in the changelog, I just wanted to highlight the fact that I was a different guy from the previous maintainer. Are these what you are referring to by "changes that differ"? I haven't made any changes to the devel branch, although I was considering applying the same PHP housekeeping. I'll put everything on hold until this gets explored a little further.

rather than an immediate package take-over. Sorry for the pain.

Which is why I asked if we were ready for the takeover process, rather than assuming so. When somebody suggested that we start taking bug reports, I though that might mean we had jumped to the package takeover, so I asked for clarification.
Are we ready to go ahead and start the 3-day FESco-approval-with-no-objections for his packages? Anybody else interested in php-json?

Also, it seems since my sponsorship a little over a week ago I still don't have any rights in bugzilla.

Have you joined fedora_bugs group?

That was my problem, I joined "fedorabugs" instead of "fedora_bugs". Now when I try to join fedora_bugs I get a Python AttributeError in get_allowed_group_actions().
How long does it take for new packages (php-shout) to appear

Build job 14359 won't appear, since I moved the results out of the
needsign queue. I can restore the results, but would like to see an
official "okay". Other jobs are published as soon as they are signed and
pushed by somebody. Today's push is in progress, btw.
No sweat :)

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