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More feedback on co-maintainership please (Was : Re: Ideas for Co-maintainership in Extras)

Hi all!

Toshio Kuratomi schrieb:
> On Sat, 2006-07-29 at 15:52 +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Welcome everybody to my brain dump of ideas around co-maintainership for
>> Fedora Extras.
>> == Why we need it ==
> [snip]
> I agree with every one of those uses for co-maintainership.  We might
> have to break out the rules for them into several different documents
> but they all seem  to be things we really want to enable. [...]

Toshio, many thx for your mail. I integrated nearly all of your comments
to the FESCo schedule/planing page at


(It also holds all the details from the first email on co-maintainership
I send out some weeks ago in case somebody needs more context or wants
to refresh his memory on the topic).

But I'm wondering: There were no replies to my initial mail on this
topic besides the one from Toshio. I can interpret this now as

1) comaintainership in this extend is stupid. That so obvious that
people don't even replied to the mail.

2) comaintainership in this extend is exactly what people want. All
details and ideas were laid down in that mail and nothing was wrong. So
people didn't reply to it.

>From my experience I know that "2)" is highly unlikely (read:
impossible). "1)" is also unlikely, but at least more possible. So
chances are high that it's something in between those two extremes.

In other words: I'd like to get a bit more feedback on this topic before
we actually start working further on co-maintainership in this extend. I
especially would like to hear some comments from new and old FESCo

I'd also appreciate small "I like the whole idea and the concept, please
start working further on it, and I'll comment on individual details when
they get discussed." mails.


>> === Long term ===
>> * make co-maintainership possible in core, too.
> The Great Merge is the goal for our generation of Fedora.  What will be
> the goal for the Post-Merge generation? :-)

My personal plan: Step down from FESCo. I'm sure there will be fresh
people around with some new ideas how to make Fedora even better.

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