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Contacting the Fedora Account System's management team


this is the second time I send this e-mail, it seems tom me that the previous 
one never reached the mailing list. Is there any spam filtering done for this 
list? Here is my original text:

I would like to contanct someone from the Fedora Account Systems's management 
team, because I have some trouble getting my signed CLA accepted.

states that I could contact the team with an email to 
accounts fedoraproject org but I got only an automated response back:

With regards to "Problems signing CLA".
Your message could not be processed.
Reason Signature was not valid. Please see 

My message I sent was signed the same way this message is signed.

mentions admin fedoraproject org in "E-mail the team with an introduction" - 
is this the correct e-mail address that should also be mentioned in 
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/AccountSystem/Contact ?


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