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Re: [Possible Spam] Re: [Possible Spam] Re: SPF failures nuke fedora-extras* msgs from redhat.com

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, Warren Togami wrote:

> stock spamassassin does SPF only if you install the optional
> perl-Mail-SPF-Query from Fedora Extras.

Correct. Which I have done.

> http://david.woodhou.se/why-not-spf.html

Let's not discuss the usefulness of SPF here....

> There is a good reason why we don't enable SPF by default in Fedora.  It is
> not particularly useful at protecting you against spam.

If that is redhat's opinion, they should stop publishing spf records. If it is
not, then someone needs to forward this complaind that enabling SPF with an
extras pacakge is currently failing for the redhat setup, and needs to be fixed.

So, either this should go to the sysadmins responsoble for redhat, or it should
go as a bug report to perl-Mail-SPF-Query. I'm happy to do either if I know
which one is correct.

What is not a good way to proceed is not doing anything. It will cause
people deploying redhat/fedora boxes with SPF enabled to miss various
if not all redhat mailinglist messages.


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