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Call for devel tree testing with an aim at resurrecting istanbul.

Good Morning campers,

I need some help from people running rawhide or a test release to help
me prep a new istanbul package for the devel tree aimed at fc6.
Since I couldn't find a sucker..err uhm volunteer...to  take this
package over before I left for the great white north.. this thing is
still sort of sitting in limbo.  The good news is I have a package
building for istanbul 0.2.1 using the gstreamer bits from core
development.  The bad news is I really can't follow this up with the
appropriate amount of devel tree testing myself, I simply don't have
the bandwidth at home right now to run a development box.  So what I
need is for someone to act as my proxy and help me test to make sure
the basic minimum of functionality works.... even if the video is
still rough.   More excitingly the new istanbul claims it can do audio
recording and claims it can record the mouse pointer... so if the new
features work then we have a pretty useful tool to create theora tour

Regardless of how well it actually functions, the first step is making
sure it does build and does the basic operation on a devel box.  I can
email my latest srpm to people who want to test this on a devel box.
Sadly I don't have a good place to park the srpm for people to upload
right now. Any takers?

Since the magic behind instanbul is just a fancy presentation of
several gst modules working together, the underlying gst modules need
to be present for istanbul to work.  As of the time of my move to the
great white north, the move to gst .10 had left the necessary modules
to do X display capture out of the "good" category and it was instead
lingering in the low quality category (not the legally grey category).
As a result istanbul 0.2.1 will not work on fc5.. but it does appear
that the needed gst module is in fc6's gstreamer-plugins-good package.


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