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For those who are getting slightly frustrated over the lack of movement on a
working version of Amaya 9.51 for FE (both in FC5 and FC6), I've been informed
from upstream that there will be a point release next week and a full update
in September.

With luck, the point release with have the majority of fixes in which will
mean that both an x86 and x86_64 version can be released.

My intention is to release the point version for FC-devel (6 test 2) and the
full version for both FC5 and FC6.

Amaya 8.5 is no longer being developed (from what I can gather) and I have no
intention in keeping the package up to date, similarly, I don't have the
ability to test code on an FC4 box, so will not maintain Amaya for anything
under FC5.

Hope that sheds some light on things.

BTW : The next amaya is wx based and not gtk based. Upstream are depricating
the gtk version (from what I can gather only the wx version is being developed
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