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Ignacio / AWOL Policy (Was: Contacting Ignacio ...)

Has anybody had any contact with Igzacio since this was first brought up in the FESCo meeting on the 19th? Last we heard Warren was still trying to reach him by phone. If so, what's the news? If not, will somebody (preferably from FESCo) lay down a timeline for when the AWOL process began and when the next set of deadlines will fall. Do we start counting from when FESCo approved to start the AWOL process? Does this particular instance warrant an expedited process since his absence started in May? Are we as current maintainers allowed (as suggested and I mistakenly acted upon for php-json) to respond to his open bugzilla reports, or does all our red tape impede progress?

I agree with Till that the AWOL policy should be amended to include the case when a Maintainer is AWOL from several (or all) of his packages, that all those packages are considered orphans up for adoption, and possibly removal further down the road if nobody is interested in taking them. The current AWOL policy assumes there is always somebody ready and waiting to adopt the neglected package.

I also think (as hinted above) that an explicit provision should be made when other contributors can intercede and fix open bug reports (halfway through step 2?), especially for security-related bugs (maybe even a separate, sooner time for this). 3 weeks + 3 days + <time required to determine that a maintainer "isn't answering his bugs" (2+ weeks?)> is much too long to stall progress in the name of policy.


Michael J. Knox wrote:
Till Maas wrote:
On Thursday 24 August 2006 01:16, Till Maas wrote:
moodle (misses security fixes)
I filled a bug report for this:

Ignacio has been missing for sometime. The AWOL guide lines is a good
place to start. I think some people have picked up on some of his packages
already, but the AWOL process should be used here.



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