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Re: extend AWOL/MIA Maintainer Policy to all packages from an maintainer

On 8/24/06, Till Maas <opensource till name> wrote:

I just realized that the actual AWOL/MIA Maintainer Policy is in my opionion
missing a major detail. It is only about one package that is neglected but I
guess in reality an AWOL/MIA maintainer will neglect all of his packages. For
this reason the policy should target how to proceed with all packages of the
maintainer, e.g. checking how many issues are open and whether or not they
are up-to-date. Also the Policy does not tell what to do if noone wants to
adopt a package from an missing maintainer.

I think the Policy is aimed at the package level because each package
should get a new maintainer, so you don't have to get the whole lot.
However, after the first package is transferred, I think the procedure
for the others should be short-circuited to the last step to speed up

The question about what to do in case we don't find a new maintainer
is still open...

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