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Re: Ignacio / AWOL Policy

On Thursday 24 August 2006 05:37, Brandon Holbrook wrote:

> I agree with Till that the AWOL policy should be amended to include the
> case when a Maintainer is AWOL from several (or all) of his packages,

In my opinion a maintainer will rarely neglect only one or several of his 
packages without someone beeing able to contact him. Maybe for some of his 
packages are no open issues and they are up-to-date but special care should 
be given to all of his packages until he comes back.

In this special case a security update is missing for several months (moodle 
package) which could have been prevented if someone have looked into Ignacios 
packages after the first time someone noticed that he neglected a package.

As well it is very hindering if at this point a separate AWOL procedure is 
need for all of his packages. But I will do this if it is needed at least for 
the outdated one.


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