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Re: OT:? flash used in redhat website

On 8/24/06, Sander Hoentjen <sander hoentjen eu> wrote:
Sorry if this is off-topic, please let me know what would be the right
place to ask this question.

I don't see a place at all inside the fedora specific forums for this
discussion. Red Hat magazine is a publication outside of the direct
control of the Fedora Board or the at large Fedora community.  The
only thing a discussion inside fedora space is going to reveal is the
obvious, we as a community hate it when Red Hat as a corporate entity
chooses to use proprietary formats. Regardless of how we feel about
it, discussions in the fedora forums are not going to lead to a change
because the person inside Red Hat Magazine who controls this sort of
crap may not be in these forums.  Just like the past discussions in
fedora forum may or may have not influenced Red Hat publish its
quarterly financial conference calls as in oggs.

My humble suggestion is to register your complaint at
The link designated inside the Magazine's Feedback menu item to send
comments to the editor.  In fact I suggest everyone who cares of the
content format send a polite, nicely worded note to the editor via
that link registering your disappointment that the Magazine doesn't
provide Fedora friendly content.

-jef"Feedback links... not just for kicks anymore"spaleta

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