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Re: gcin FC4 and FC3 branch

Chung-Yen Chang wrote:

Althrough Fedora Core provides SCIM for CJK InputMethod, but the scim
still not good enough for Traditional Chinese people to use it. (Most
of Traditional Chinese people, especially in Taiwan, prefer gcin than
So my reason to request gcin branch for FC-3 and FC-4 is simple.
Now I still maintain and package the gcin for FC5 FC4 FC3 and RHEL4 on
cle.linux.org.tw. (People can download gcin from
Because I want to make it easy to use gcin for those people still
using FC-3 and FC-4, so I request FC-3 FC-4 branch, too.
If branch for FC-3 and FC-4 is really discouraged, it is OK.
I will give up to request it. (I can just put FC3 and FC4 RPMs on

Thanks a lot

Chung-Yen Chang

I failed to see this message yesterday prior to the FESCo meeting where we voted down branching of this package, seemingly due to lack of explanation from the CVS branch request. I apologize for this.

So chewing is not good enough?

I guess can reconsider branching of gcin. You seem to want to continue maintaining FC-3+ branches for a while, and your users want it.

BTW, is there any scim-gcin bridge?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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