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Re: Changing E-Mail Address

Am Freitag, den 25.08.2006, 21:42 +0200 schrieb Christian Nolte:
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> Hi!
> I am in the need of changing my e-mail address for redhat.bugzilla.org
> and as I am an extras maintainer, I have to change it for my extras
> account too. I would like to know how I have to do this in a
> "consistent" manner. The problem here is, that the GPG-key used for
> accessing the extras repo does not contain a reference to the new mail
> address I will be using.
> As I was not able to find an entry in the fedoraproject wiki about this,
> I am asking you: what would be the recommended way to change my e-mail
> address?

     1. Create an new GPG key for your new email and publish it on the
     2. Edit your email and GPG KeyID at
     3. download a new ~/.fedora.cert from
     4. Change your email in owners.list
     5. Change your email in bugzilla
     6. Edit ~/.plague-client.cfg and insert your new email
     7. Revoke the old GPG key if everthing is working

Steps 5 and 6 need to be done within one hour, otherwise Bugzilla will
start to send out warnings to you because of the mismatching addresses.



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