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Re: Summary - Broken dependencies in Fedora Extras - 2006-08-25

>>>>> "JLT" == Jason L Tibbitts, <Jason> writes:

JLT> The script is just being truthful; the breakage is still there.
JLT> It would be more appropriate for someone to just step in and fix
JLT> the issues.

Well, I guess at least occasionally it's better to act than talk.  So
I pulled down pyxdg and found that it had already been branched for
FC3 and even tagged, yet it had never been built for some reason.  I
did a test build on an FC3 machine and it built fine.  There must have
been some reason a build was never requested, but I honestly can't
think of what it might have been.

As for syck, it just needed a rebuild to pick up the updated PHP
package, and an additional BuildRequires: to build in the minimal

So I've gone ahead and committed the fixes and pushed them (pyxdg/FC3,
syck/FC5+devel) through the buildsys.  This should make the next push
at least a bit cleaner.  I've CC'd the maintainers of the packages I

 - J<

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