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Re: We'll officially orphan Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams packages

On 8/28/06, Denis Leroy <denis poolshark org> wrote:
Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Here's the list:
> alltray deskbar-applet ecore edb edje eet embryo evas f2py fltk fyre
> ghasher gnet2 gnome-applet-music gnome-applet-rhythmbox
> gnome-theme-clearlooks gnome-theme-clearlooks-bigpack gpredict hamlib
> leafpad libifp libosip libosip2 libsexy linphone lock-keys-applet
> mimetex MochiKit mod_auth_pam moodle nautilus-search-tool notecase numpy
> OpenEXR ortp pam_mysql php-json pyparsing python-amara python-cpio
> python-formencode python-HTMLgen python-json python-nose
> python-sqlobject python-TestGears repoml soundconverter sqlite sqlite2
> TurboGears wp_tray

I'll take wp_tray

fedora-extras-list mailing list
fedora-extras-list redhat com

I'll snag sqlite and sqlite2.  As far as where he is, I know the
centos folks haven't seen him in a while either though I suspect its
from being busy and not from anything happening to him.


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