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Re: We'll officially orphan Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams packages

I am offering to take on:

python-json (needed by TurboGears)
python-TestGears (needed by TurboGears)
python-sqlobject (needed by TurboGears)
python-formencode (needed by TurboGears)

I will stick my name by them on the orphans page. No objection by weeks end, I will update the owners.list.



Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

Some relevant parts (a lot of lines were stripped) from the last

19:57 <     bpepple> | Has anyone been able to get a hold of Ignacio?  And if not should we expedite the  AWOL/maintainership of his packages?
19:59 <     bpepple> | As far as I can tell, no once's been able to contact him.
19:59 <    dgilmore> | thl: if no one could get hold of him i say mark all his packages as orphaned  and ask memebers in the comminity to pick them up if they have intrest
19:59 <         thl> | dgilmore, I'd like to leave the option open that he get's his packages back if he shows up later
20:00 <       tibbs> | co-maintainership will always leave that avenue open.
20:00 <      warren> | thl, we just make it known that if he wants to come back he's welcome to.  But meanwhile we must do our best to make sure thing are maintained.
20:02 <        scop> | if Ignacio reappears, FWIW I think it's the new maintainer's call whether he wants to hand the packages back, co-maintain, or neither
20:03 < abadger1999> | with com-maintainership in mind, should we put ignacio's email into the CC field of owners.list?

As FC6 is approaching and Ignacio seems to be AWOL for a long time now
we'll speed up the AWOL process. In other words: All of Ignacio's
packages are hereby considered orphaned. It's sad to lose such a major
contributor, but we can't avoid it any longer.

I added all of his 52 packages to a separate section on

Here's the list:
alltray deskbar-applet ecore edb edje eet embryo evas f2py fltk fyre
ghasher gnet2 gnome-applet-music gnome-applet-rhythmbox
gnome-theme-clearlooks gnome-theme-clearlooks-bigpack gpredict hamlib
leafpad libifp libosip libosip2 libsexy linphone lock-keys-applet
mimetex MochiKit mod_auth_pam moodle nautilus-search-tool notecase numpy
OpenEXR ortp pam_mysql php-json pyparsing python-amara python-cpio
python-formencode python-HTMLgen python-json python-nose
python-sqlobject python-TestGears repoml soundconverter sqlite sqlite2
TurboGears wp_tray

The usual process for orphan packages that's described on above
wiki-page applies mostly now. Mostly: We should try to sort this out
quickly to not disturb the current mass-rebuild to much. And postings to
f-e-l with "I'd like to take package foo" could soon end in a real mess.
So I propose this scheme:

If you want to take over one of Ignacio's packages add your name to
above list in the wiki at the proper place. If no one else volunteered
to take over that package until next Sunday, 23:59 UTC take it over with
the usual process (change owners.list, move bugs over, ...). If there
are multiple volunteers for a package at that time please sort it out in
private (or on the list if it can't be avoided) who will act as primary
maintainer in the future. If we can't avoid it I'll act as a mediator
between interested parties. I'd like to get this done as far as possible
until September the 7th before the FESCo meeting (17:00 UTC).

Please keep ignacio's email into the CC field of owners.list when you
take over a package. We still hope that he joins us again. If that
happens please consider to give him his packages back if he shows
interest in them again.

Did I miss anything? Hope not.


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