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Re: Multilib in Extras repo?

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 11:13:45 -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> > For the dep resolving, I've used the Yum back-end's returnPackagesByDep()
> > method. Although the results look reasonable -- i.e. I see the -devel
> > packages pull it their mother packages and all their deps in Extras --
> > I'm not an expert in Yum API programming and have yet to find out what
> > corner-cases one may need to deal with (Obsoletes? arch/multiarch
> > package picking extra-burden?) and what other pitfalls may be lurking.
> This is what we do for Core with the addition of also having a
> whitelist/blacklist (so that relevant non -devel packages, eg, things
> with gtk+ or pam modules can be included).  

Okay, now I have a multi-lib black-list and white-list for every branch,

For testing, I've put 'wine' in the white-lists for '3','4','5' and
'development', so we can copy the multi-compat wine rpms to the x86_64
tree including automatic dep-solving.

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