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reckoning (was: coverity code checker in extras)

On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Josh Boyer wrote:

There will be a reckoning.

oh yes, there will be a reckoning.

I look forward to the day.  :)

Stay tuned, Josh. I just need the cycles to write up and start spreading around my vision, but it's coming soon (next couple weeks).

But here's one little preview, in the form of a question:

Without impacting (or even touching) the current FC6 build process, what is stopping us from completely building the entire Fedora distro on a non-internal to Red Hat buildsystem? The Fedora Unity guys have pretty much figured this out, right?

I believe a compose tool is a big piece. How hard is something like that to engineer? What else are we blocking on?

For those of you who watch Entourage: "If I were to say to you that post FC6, I want to be able to spin the entire Fedora distro in our external build system, is that something you would be interested in?"

Tell me what we need, and I'll get it.


Max Spevack
+ http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MaxSpevack
+ gpg key -- http://spevack.org/max.asc
+ fingerprint -- CD52 5E72 369B B00D 9E9A 773E 2FDB CB46 5A17 CF21

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