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Re: FE package status Tue Feb 7 2006

Christian, many thanks for these reports. I like then a lot. 

Some suggestions for improvements: 

Am Dienstag, den 07.02.2006, 18:18 +0100 schrieb
Christian Iseli licr org:

> We have 58 packages not available in extras devel or release:
> GiNaC                                    qspencer
> R-hdf5                                   tcallawa
> alsa-firmware                            fedora

Could you sort this and maybe some of the other lists by the owner and
not by package name? This way each and every packager has to go through
the whole list a look out for his packages. When it is sorted by owner
you just have to search for your own email address -- that's a lot

You probably should add the domains somehow -- there are at least two
people (I'm one of them) that use fedora my domain foo  I would suggest
fedora[AT]leemhuis[DOT]info, fedora leemhuis, fedora-leemhuis_info or
something like that.

And another thing: How to I get a package out of the list in case it is
stuck due to legal problems or other well known things?

> We have 28 packages that moved to core:
> anthy firefox gmime kasumi libchewing libevent m17n-db m17n-lib
> nautilus-sendto perl-Archive-Zip perl-IO-String perl-IO-Zlib perl-Net-IP
> perl-String-CRC32 perl-XML-Simple python-elementtree python-sqlite scim
> scim-anthy scim-chewing scim-hangul scim-m17n scim-pinyin scim-qtimm
> scim-tables sqlite thunderbird tog-pegasus

Well, at least firefox and thunderbird (probably many more) were moved
to core long time ago -- do we really need them in this list? Then it
will grow endlessly over time.

> We have 12 FE-NEW tickets with no activity in eight weeks

This one is a great idea! Maybe is should be placed somewhere more
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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