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extras maintainence

Hi all,

Some people are waiting to make fc3 extras end of life.  I personally  have a 
huge interest in fc3 extras not become stale and unmaintained.  I have 
rebuilt all of extras for Aurora SPARC Linux* (except a few packages  that 
have not built successfully) 

Aurora's  latest build is based on fc3  which is why i have based the extras 
packages on the same.  It is currently in beta status  so i will be 
maintaining extras packages for awhile.    I can understand that some 
maintainers do not want to support fc3 anymore.   however I personally 
believe  we should maintain support at least until Fedora Legacy no longer 
supports fc3 alot of users that use legacy will have extras packages 
installed also.  for example i have 3 servers running fc3 at work and i have 
a file/ asterisk server at home running fc3.  I use clamav and amavisd-new  
on the ones at work.

What does this mean?  extras and core need to be considered as one  not two 
entities,  both needing maintainence for the same period of time

how do we do this?  We have two options, 
one) existing package maintainers need to maintain there packages until legacy 
no longer supports a release.  but a stipulation could be made  that once a 
release moves to legacy  the only updates in extras are bugfixes and security 
two)  we create an extras legacy team,  who would then take over 
maintainership of all extras packages once a release moves to legacy.   
though if a package maintainer wanted to continue support of his/her packages  
that would be beneficial.

So which way are we going to move forward


Dennis Gilmore,  RHCE
Proud Australian

* http://www.auroralinux.org
* http://fedoramirror.net

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