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Please rebuild your packages in the development tree of Fedora Extras

Replies to fedora-extras-list please, tia!

Hi Fedora Maintainers!

The last rawhide mass-rebuild is mostly done now so it's time for us to
also rebuild **all packages** in the Fedora Extras development tree
before it becomes Fedora Extras 5 (FE) when Fedora Core 5 is

Why a rebuild of all packages?

There are several reasons, the most important:
- use the security features the new gcc 4.1 provides
- make sure everything still builds with gcc 4.1, modular xorg and all
the other things that have changed since FC4

How does it work?

Very simple: If you have a package in Fedora Extras checkout a fresh
version from cvs, increase "Release" by one and add a changelog-entry
with and explanation like "Rebuild for Fedora Extras 5". Then run the
usual "make tag build". 

While at it make sure that the upgrade path from FE4 to FE5 works --
e.g. the epoch:version-release of a package in the devel-tree/FE5 needs
to be higher than in FE4 (hint: use fedora-rpmvercmp from
fedora-rpmdevtools if you want to test which epoch:version-release is

Are there any specific things that need attention?

The most important: 
- Please don't flood the buildsys with to many rebuild requests. E.g.
before you run make build take a look at the buildsys web interface at
If there are many jobs listed already (let's say more then round about
40 packages) then please wait with the rebuild request some hours or a
day. Why that? We have no priorities in the buildsys atm, but need a
chance to get urgent updates for FC-4 and/or FC-3 build in case a
security problem arises in an extras package.
- Don't request rebuilds for FC-4 or FC-3 just to keep the spec files in
sync in all branches. This would mean a extra burden for the buildsys
and for the users (they would have to download new packages where
nothing changed)

Do all packages need a rebuild?

Yes. Most noarch packages probably would work fine without a rebuild and
won't have a benefit from the new gcc security features. But we know
that some noarch package are broken due to changes in rawhide -- we'd
like to catch and fix those. And we want to make sure that a package
still has a active maintainer while at it. 

If you want to be nice please submit the noach rebuild request only
after February the 18th or when less then 10 packages are in the
buildsys build queue.

Should the build-requests happen in dep-order?

They should in an ideal world -- but we chose to ignore it (core ignores
the order, too, and it works fine). If you know that build-order is
important to your package please take care of it manually.

You don't like it? Then work on a better solution for the FE6
rebuild ;-)

What about orphaned packages?

They should be removed by now. If you need one of them to build your
package you probably have to adopt them (we might have one or two such

What shall I do if a rebuild failed?

Fix it. If you need help ask on fedora-extras-list and/or on
#fedora-extras. It might be a good idea to use some tagging in the
subject when posting to the list, e.g.:
[gcc] - for problems specific to gcc
[xorg] - for problems related to modular xorg
[x86-64] - for problems specific to x86_64
[ppc] - for problems specific to pcc
[python] - for problems related to python
[perl] - for problems related to perl
[gtk/gnome] - for problems related to GTK/GNOME
[qt/kde] - for problems related to Qt/KDE

*Note*: If you can't fix it until February the 24th please file a bug in
bugzilla.redhat.com for the problem. In the field "Bug XYZ Block" please
add "FE5Target" -- this way it blocks the tracker bug 162161. This
bureaucracy is needed to allow other people to track the status of the
packages not yet rebuild.

What happens with packages where no one stepped up to rebuild them?

Ehhh, we didn't talk about that to much yet. Maybe we'll file bugs after
the rebuild flood goes back and ask the package-maintainer to rebuild
his or her package(s). Or we simply rebuild them and ignore the
maintainer -- but in that case we can't be sure that the maintainer is
still active in Fedora Extras. 

What happens with the old packages build before February the 13th 2006?

They'll probably be removed from the repo before FE5 goes live.

That's all. Thanks for you attention.


/me hopes that he hasn't forgotten anything important
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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