[Bug 178330] Review Request: Azureus - a BitTorrent Client

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Thu Jan 19 19:21:19 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: Azureus - a BitTorrent Client


chabotc at xs4all.nl changed:

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OtherBugsDependingO|163778                      |163779
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------- Additional Comments From chabotc at xs4all.nl  2006-01-19 14:21 EST -------
New reviewlist based on release 12:

MUST review items:
- Builds cleanly on FC5 devel.
- Source included doesn't match upsteam source, but for a good reason :-)
- Package name meets guidelines
- spec file name is in %{name}.spec format
- Licence is fedora extra's compatible & is included
- Spec file is in (american) english
- Does not list buildrequires that are excepted in the package guidelines
- All build dependencies are listed
- No ldconfig needed
- All files have proper permissions
- Package is not relocatable
- No duplicate files in %files section
- No missing files in %files section
- Has a proper %clean section with rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
- Uses macro's described in PackagingGuidelines
- No entries in %doc that are required for standard program operation
- No -devel package needed
- Proper directory-ownerships
- Correct desktop file & install handling & categories

Should items:
- Includes upstream licence(s) file
- No insane scriplets
- No unnescesarry requires
- Mock build cleanly (fedora-devel-i386)

I've even tried to compile w/o junit, but can tell you that Azureus does depend
on it
the how and what and why i will leave to AG, i'm not skilled in java enough to
comment on this, but this isn't a packaging issue, more something for future
bugzilla reports (i'm sure quite a few of those will follow, but better to do
that in bugzilla/cvs). So:


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