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[Bug 173459] Review Request: initng

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Summary: Review Request: initng


------- Additional Comments From chabotc xs4all nl  2006-01-06 06:58 EST -------
Ps its worth mentioning that even for a small and not so exciting package the
first package review takes some time.. There is a limited list of people who can
do the initial sponsorship, and its unfortunatly 'normal' that this takes quite
a bit of time.

With more complex packages like this one, the process can go even slower. Its
not only a simple package review but also involves judgement of when its ready
for 'prime time' in fedora extra's, Which is a decission which can be sped up by
making sure the issues reported here are looked at and preferably solved to
ensure when its in extra's it will work correctly, and to be responsive in this
bug report (which by all apearances you are!)

I'm afraid i'm not on the list of initial sponsors so i can only make some
general comments, but i'll happily will test and try the initng package again to
atleast leave some feedback on its functioning!

Don't get discouraged, a new boot manager is a big deal and will take some time
but i'm sure its definatly not ignored!

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