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Re: RFC: kernel-modules in Fedora Extras


Glad to see that somebody has been spending some time on this.  I've
been very concerned about the complexity that the packager has to work
with.  That seems a big focus in this spec file template and I think
that the usability of the template is pretty good compared to some of
the other spec files I've tried to work with.  I would encurage
more comments in the template to identify the parts that the packager
would focus on.   Also, the trade offs made are very sane.

The only kernel module I really care about is OpenAFS which will not
build with the provided make commands.  However, I don't think that is a
big problem.

I'll spend some time with this template and OpenAFS, but its not
something I can complete today.  

Matt, thoughts?

Nice job folks.

Jack Neely 
Jack Neely <jjneely ncsu edu>
Campus Linux Services Project Lead
PAMS Computer Operations at NC State University
GPG Fingerprint: 1917 5AC1 E828 9337 7AA4  EA6B 213B 765F 3B6A 5B89

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