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gst-python and fc devel

Hi everyone,

gstreamer-python needs to be updated in extras.  Moving from FC4 to
FC5test, the gstreamer-* rpms have been renamed to gstreamer08-* (since
they're now compat packages), and the new 0.10 versions now use the
gstreamer- namespace.

This means I would like to provide both gstreamer08-python and
gstreamer-python.  This would mean copying the current gstreamer-python
package in CVS, and putting the 0.10 version in place of the old one.

Since this is a little different from the normal import case, I'm asking
here what I should do exactly in this case.  Do I just import the
gstreamer08-python package as a "new" package, and update the current
gstreamer-python spec to the 0.10 version ?


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