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Re: Some BZ cleanups

On 1/9/06, Christian Iseli licr org <Christian Iseli licr org> wrote:
> Could those who took the assignment please change the blocker to FE-REVIEW as
> per the review guidelines ?

If you are going to make these sorts of lists, please take look at the
bug activity for those bugs. A switch to ASSIGNED status can for a
number of reasons as a result of other bugzilla activity, without a
reviewer actually taking review. Remember that gdk is the default
assignee for all new review requests. If the assignee is still listed
as gdk there is a good bet the slip into  ASSIGNED status was the
result of some other bugzilla action in the bug history and not an
explict reassignment.  What's funny is that you can explictly reassign
and bugzilla will let the bug stay in the NEW state, but if you go
into NEEDSINFO, you can't go back to NEW.  You can not look at the
ASSIGNED  or NEW status draw any conclusions as to the real assignment
status of the bug. Several bugzilla actions cause the bug to leave the
NEW state with no mechanism to go back to NEW.

For example:
It went into ASSIGNED status from a NEEDSINFO status. There is no
mechanism to go back to NEW from NEEDSINFO. No reviewer has taken
assignment for this bug so it is still appropriately blocking FE-NEW.

You also have to watch out for situations where reviewers who can not
claim sponsership mistakenly take assignment, realize they shouldn't
have, and then assign back to gdk.  I'd love to know how frequently
this sort of thing happens with new submitters so I can gauge whether
or not its a problem worth worrying about.
For example:

In the future it might be best if you looked for bugs not assigned to
gdk that are blocking FE-NEW to get a more accurate listing.

Though perhaps its time to replace gdk with a virtual assignee
specifically set up for FE-NEW tickets that could be consistently
searched for when making cleanup lists like this.


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