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[Bug 177588] Review Request: mysql-administrator

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Summary: Review Request: mysql-administrator


chabotc xs4all nl changed:

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OtherBugsDependingO|163778                      |163779
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------- Additional Comments From chabotc xs4all nl  2006-01-12 10:50 EST -------
The formal review steps:

MUST review items:
- Builds cleanly on FC5 devel.
- rpmlint has no output / complaints
- Source included matches upsteam source (md5sum)
- Package name meets guidelines
- spec file name is in %{name}.spec format
- Licence (GPL) is fedora extra's compatible & is included in spec
- Spec file is in (american) english
- Does not list buildrequires that are excepted in the package guidelines
- All build dependencies are listed
- Spec file handles locales properly (thru find_lang macro)
- No so files so no ldconfig needed
- Installs propper desktop file, under fedora category, shows up in menu and
with proper icon
- All files have proper permissions (double checked with ls -al `rpm -ql
- Package is not relocatable
- No duplicate files in %files section
- No missing files in %files section
- Has a proper %clean section with rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
- Uses macro's described in PackagingGuidelines
- No entries in %doc that are required for standard program operation
- No header files or static libs, so no need for -devel package
- Nor pkgconfig files, .so files or .la files
- Package contains GUI application, and includes proper desktop file
- Package owns directories properly

Should items:
- Includes upstream licence file (COPYING)
- Build in mock (fc5 devel)
- Could not try build on all architectures, plague will hopefully tell us :-)
- Functionality seems to work (though some problems with user admin with fedora
5's mysql 5.0.18, but that problem exists upsteam too)
- No insane scriplets, or scriplets at all
- Sane require chain (mysql-administrator requires mysql-gui-common package

FE-ACCEPTED in my book (presuming this is not your first package and needing

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