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[Bug 177588] Review Request: mysql-administrator

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Summary: Review Request: mysql-administrator


------- Additional Comments From ville skytta iki fi  2006-01-12 10:58 EST -------
FWIW, a couple of notes from an unsuccessful build on CentOS 4.2 (due to too old
gtkmm24 version), most likely applies to FC3 too:

- BuildRequires: gtkmm24-devel >= 2.6 (add version, 2.4.x won't work)
- BuildRequires: gettext (probably, for translations)
- In beginning of %build: export CPPFLAGS="$(pcre-config --cflags)"
  (required for old pcre)
- I *guess* that the explicit mysql and gtkmm24 dependencies might not be needed

Some or all of the above, eg. at least the minimum required gtkmm24-devel
version would be nice to have even if you're targetting FC >= 4.

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