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New Fedora Extras Steering Committee chair


some of you might have heard of it already, but I think I probably
should announce it here:

The Fedora Extras Steering Committee has elected a new chair (sometimes
also known as "Fearless Leader") last Thursday in the FESCo-meeting.
Greg DeKoenigsberg stepped down from this position to have more free
time for other Fedora-related tasks in the future. I was elected to do
the job from now on.

Short Biography: In my real-life I'm 28 Years old and live together with
my girlfriend in a small House with garden in Hannover (Germany). We own
two cats (Linus [ ;-) ] and Lucy) and have no children. My virtual
Fedora-Life started with packaging alsa for fedora.us in fall/winter
2003 iirc. Shortly after that I also began packaging stuff for a well
known 3rd party repo that spun-off the old fedora.us and is compatible
with fedora.us/Fedora Extras. I maintain 17 packages in Fedora Extras
(According to owners.list). I joined FESCo last Summer at FUDCon II on

Why was I selected for this job: Seems my recent work on the
kernel-module stuff was one of the reasons. The other probably was that
I'm *not* on the payroll of Red Hat.

My plans for the future of Fedora Extras: Good question. I have some in
my mind, but nothing earth shaking; keep watching
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule and the lists for

The real question here is: What do you think that I (or FESCo/Fedora
Extras in general) *should* do (better) in the future? Are there any
areas where you think "Fedora Extras needs to improve here", "this works
a lot better in Distribution X than in Fedora Extras". I would be glad
to get input from you all. Send them either directly to me (preferred)
or to the list (If you think that a discussion on the topic is overdue).
Thanks in advance. 

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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