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Re: New Fedora Extras Steering Committee chair

One thing i would love to see in Fedora Extra's portofolio of services
is a webpage with all the packages listed, plus their summaries, with a
click-thru to a full %description, download links for src.rpm, and links
for the various FC? releases they have been build for, and a link to the
%{url} of the package

Preferably with some intergrated wiki (like?) functionality where people
can describe more about the package, provide feedback, and usefull hints

Think freshrpm's meets repo's meets wiki. Would make for more of a
visible 'helpfull community' envirioment then just mailing lists (which
for many "Users" are a scary and unknown place) i think

Other thing i'd love to see is a good extra's intergration in Fedora, no
nice interface for it yet or intergration in the installation process,
but thats already WIP (work in progress) i think

	-- Chris

On Sat, 2006-01-14 at 15:37 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Hi,
> some of you might have heard of it already, but I think I probably
> should announce it here:
> The Fedora Extras Steering Committee has elected a new chair (sometimes
> also known as "Fearless Leader") last Thursday in the FESCo-meeting.
> Greg DeKoenigsberg stepped down from this position to have more free
> time for other Fedora-related tasks in the future. I was elected to do
> the job from now on.
> Short Biography: In my real-life I'm 28 Years old and live together with
> my girlfriend in a small House with garden in Hannover (Germany). We own
> two cats (Linus [ ;-) ] and Lucy) and have no children. My virtual
> Fedora-Life started with packaging alsa for fedora.us in fall/winter
> 2003 iirc. Shortly after that I also began packaging stuff for a well
> known 3rd party repo that spun-off the old fedora.us and is compatible
> with fedora.us/Fedora Extras. I maintain 17 packages in Fedora Extras
> (According to owners.list). I joined FESCo last Summer at FUDCon II on
> LinuxTag.
> Why was I selected for this job: Seems my recent work on the
> kernel-module stuff was one of the reasons. The other probably was that
> I'm *not* on the payroll of Red Hat.
> My plans for the future of Fedora Extras: Good question. I have some in
> my mind, but nothing earth shaking; keep watching
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule and the lists for
> details. 
> The real question here is: What do you think that I (or FESCo/Fedora
> Extras in general) *should* do (better) in the future? Are there any
> areas where you think "Fedora Extras needs to improve here", "this works
> a lot better in Distribution X than in Fedora Extras". I would be glad
> to get input from you all. Send them either directly to me (preferred)
> or to the list (If you think that a discussion on the topic is overdue).
> Thanks in advance. 
> CU
> thl

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