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[Bug 174546] Review Request: trac

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Summary: Review Request: trac


------- Additional Comments From bkw weisshuhn de  2006-01-16 06:31 EST -------
I for one was bitten by the removal of the fastcgi program. I fail to understand
the motivation for its removal. Not everybody uses mod_python, there are a *lot*
of folks running it as fastcgi under lighttpd. It's not that fedora ships - for
example - only apache modules that are used in the default configuration.

Does it really hurt that much to ship cgi-bin/trac.fcgi?

btw. I also found it very handy to have tracd just for the occasional debugging.
Also it is used in the documentation/howto.

Leave out the configfile if you must, but please can we have the fcgi program back?

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