[Bug 178330] Review Request: Azureus - a BitTorrent Client

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Thu Jan 19 16:17:43 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: Azureus - a BitTorrent Client


------- Additional Comments From chabotc at xs4all.nl  2006-01-19 11:17 EST -------
File permissions of the %doc files come out all wrong too (775, should be 644).
You could do a simple chmod 644 below the dos2unix lines to fix this up.

Also fedora extra's guidelines say md5sum of the source package should match the
one from upstream, but upstream i can't seem to find the _nocrypto source, could
you please provide a link to it?

If its custom patched, the normal way to do this is thru a patch, and including
the original upstream source and patching it on the fly, only exceptions to this
i've seen so far is when patents prevent RH from distributing the original source

If neither those is the case (not on the upstream download server & can't patch
it or script it and not for legal reasons) please at the very least add a
comment to the spec file why not, and how people can reproduce this based on
future upstream release versions

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