[Bug 175438] Review Request: smart -- Next generation package handling tool

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Summary: Review Request: smart -- Next generation package handling tool


------- Additional Comments From jarkko at saunalahti.fi  2006-01-23 03:54 EST -------
Of course I don't expect the packager to provide the gnome applet. But I hope
upstream will provide it in the future (there is a bug about this in smart bug
tracker IIRC).

That "GUI is not GUI" was a bit weird comment. It is a GUI written using gtk
libraries. I think there are other graphical user interface packages in the
fedora repositories which are named like *-gui and which require gtk. Well,
there are also *-gtk packages. I guess there is no policy about this thing. But
I think the amount of the *-gui packages is a bit higher than the amount of
*-gtk packages.

So what happens if I don't have the graphical user interface package installed
and I run "smart --gui"? Sorry, I would know that if I'd install. But I'm
waiting for the official fedora extras version of smart. ;)

Are you saying rpm has a bug that it allows executing the post scripts in wrong
order when installing multiple packages at once? Even if that's true, I wonder
why are you trying to fix it here with the Requires(pre/postun) stuff. You
should be filing a bug against rpm (or yum/apt-rpm/smart if the bug appears
using them) instead.

I wonder why you need root permissions to just check if there are new updates
available. Well, I know why. Because "smart update" needs root permission to
download the new repo data. I'm just wondering why smart can't just check if the
repo data is even newer on the servers (you can do that with HTTP headers).

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