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Re: How to update the package?

Michael Schwendt <bugs michael gmx net> wrote:
On Thu, 26 Jan 2006 10:11:34 +0000, Paul Howarth wrote:

> Ankit Patel wrote:
> > I am maintaining the package called "system-config-control". Current
> > version of this package is 1.0-4. I want to provide the new version,
> > 1.0-5 with some modification.
> >
> > I have tried the following steps, but haven't any luck in updating it.
> >
> > Here are the steps i followed for updating from 1.0-3 to 1.0-4:
> > 1. cvs co system-config-control
> > 2. cd system-config-control/devel
> > 3. modified the spec file with release no. "4%{?dist}"
> > 4. commited the changes
> > 5. make sources FILES="system-config-control-1.0.tar.bz2" (This .bz2
> > file is wi! th all modifications)

What modifications? Are you the author of the software, too?
In that case, please increase the version from 1.0 to something
newer, so the version reflects the differences between older
releases of the tarball with the same name.

Also make sure you prefer "make new-sources FILES=..." instead
of "make sources FILES=...". The former will replace the "sources"
file within CVS and not just add entries to it.

"make tag" is missing in your steps, btw.

> I suspect the build system already had a
> system-config-control-1.0.tar.bz2 uploaded and so attempting to upload a
> new one would have no effect. If the tarball has changed, it should have
> a different version number and hence a different filename.

No, the checksum of the files in the lookaside cache is taken into
account. You can have multiple files with the same file name, but a
different checksum. Which file to download is dete! rmined by the contents
of the "sources" file in the CVS directory.

Check the contents of your "sources" file in CVS.

> > 6. commited the changes
> > 7. plague-client build system-config-control
> A "make build" would suffice for that.
> Paul.

On which no. from the given steps i should have to do "make tag"?

Ankit Patel

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