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[Bug 176200] Review Request: Mud Magic Client

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Summary: Review Request: Mud Magic Client


------- Additional Comments From bugs michael gmx net  2006-01-26 07:32 EST -------
> Use $RPM_BUILD_ROOT or %{buildroot}, not ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}

Huh? May I ask the reason for that? ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT} is perfectly

> I also added the Requires macro - though it isn't required, I'd
> prefer to have a user know the name of the package they need to
> install to satisfy requirements; opposed to the name of the shared
> object missing.

Veto. It is a mistake. If more packagers attempt at sneaking in
dependencies on hardcoded package names where automatic dependencies
on sonames suffice, we will need to make this a strict policy - a
MUST NOT. We rely on rpmbuild's automatic soname dependencies. We
don't care whether the package which provides libsqlite3.so.0 is
called sqlite3, sqlite or libsqlite3.

> * Add changelog entries for your changes so it doesn't look like
> the last change was by Michael Schwendt in 2004 "

Oh, please! Especially if that old changelog entry is useless anyway.
The spec file has been modified a lot since then without mentioning
the changes, packaging bugs have been reintroduced and things like that.

> Added all entries from this ticket with appropriate credits

Please don't. Don't act as the ghostwriter of other people. Don't
use other people's names for work you did on the spec file. This
is really impolite IMO,

> * Wed Jan 25 2005 Warren Togami <wtogami[AT]redhat.com> - 1.8
> - %define version @ VERSION @ removed
>   Version: defined with the @ VERSION @ macro from configure
>  exlude %{_libdir}/libmudmagic.a
>  exlude %{_libdir}/libmudmagic.la

since Warren did not write this changelog entry himself. Apart from
that, the entry is quite incomprehensible (at least to me). And it's
spelled "exclude" not "exlude". ;)

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