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[Bug 176200] Review Request: Mud Magic Client

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Summary: Review Request: Mud Magic Client


------- Additional Comments From kyndig mudmagic com  2006-01-26 11:55 EST -------
"We rely on rpmbuild's automatic soname dependencies. We
don't care whether the package which provides libsqlite3.so.0"

This certainly makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. When viewed in that
manner - it is much more preferrable than using a name for Requires.

"Don't act as the ghostwriter of other people."
I didn't much care for the ChangeLog requirement myself - I really don't care
about ChangeLog entries - but it was a requirement for adding this proejct. I
have removed it. 

The build problem in Mock calls for more looking into as I can not find the
location of the error or recreate the issue. Makefile.in is created by running
configure by the configure.in and Makefile.am located in the source. It honors
prefefix and exec_prefix appropriately. I installed mock and must not have it
configured correctly as it just freezes on me when I try building the source rpm
( I did add my user login to the group list )

I'm playing DLL hell with windows packaging right now though and am working on
the MAC OSX port.

These updates were done. and can be viewed here. Short of an innapropriate entry
- this package for Fedora users won't be updated further for rpm packaging ( the
source has one final bugfix update before it is released ) I will attempt the
Fedora Extra's entry again in about a year with 2.0 release.


Thanks everyone for the wonderful support and help,

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