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A word on the Evils of Epoch

In the process of doing a mass rebuild here of all extras packages for
current devel/fc5 under mock I ran into an interesting issue: 

The following packages were released at some point with a "Epoch: 0"
set. If you have EVER release a package with an Epoch, you need to
keep that around forever after if you expect updates to work. 

This is due to the fact that a package with a Epoch of 0 is always
considered to be newer than a package with no Epoch at all. 

So far the following packages have show that issue in my builds: 


So, you can't just remove the Epoch:0 and move on, you have to keep it
if you put it in there and released any packages with it. 

FYI, the current list of packages that don't build can be seen at: 


I am going to try and file more bugs on those packages later today. 


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