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Request for Help: Writer(s) needed for Fedora Extras Weekly Reports


For those that haven't noticed yet: Some people maintain a  section
"Fedora Projects Weekly Reports" in the wiki for some weeks now. See 

That's IMHO a really good idea, but currently there is no writer that
maintains the part for Fedora Extras. I did it once
but I don't have time to do it each week. Is anybody here interested in
this job?

I really would appreciate it if one or two people could do this job
together. A bit watching fedora-extras-list, copy-and-pasting parts from
the FESCo meeting summaries and a small compiled list of all newly added
packages in Fedora Extras is round about the work that needs to be done
(see also above link for an example).

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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