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Hula history?

mschwendt, or anyone else,

Does anyone know what's going on with hula?  I was researching it and
ran across its strange history in Extras.  Checked it out of cvs and saw
a bunch of interesting stuff in the spec file.  I was curious if there
was any record of why things were that way but didn't dig up anything
enlightening with bugzilla or googling the fedora mailing lists.

I did find this point of confusion, though (note the dates):

Kevin Gray -- hula-kevin iprone.com appears to be the former maintainer
and is currently maintaining upstream's packages for Fedora Core:

At this point I'm unclear whether this package was approved for
inclusion into Extras or if the maintainer was sponsored and mistakenly
thought he should import the package into cvs at that point.  If it's a
legitimate orphan I'll look into contacting Kevin and picking it up if
he doesn't want to continue.


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