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Re: Broken packages

Le Ven 2 juin 2006 16:45, Steven Pritchard a écrit :

>> Is there any mechanism for flagging these and saying that unless they're
>> fixed in a reasonable amount of time [1], they're up for adoption?
> On releases, sure, but on rawhide?  That seems a bit excessive.

Because we don't want to test FE for a given FC release at the FC release
time? Sure you have more leaway to fix things for devel - that does not
mean it's ok to have packages broken for looong times just because it's

Lowering rawhide support means lowering number of rawhide testers, which
in turn makes FCt releases less testable, and the vicious circle can spin
up till FC release itself is half-baked at release time.

Remember, a single package breakage won't sink devel, but lots of
aggregated broken packages will

Nicolas Mailhot

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