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Re: Mock Problems with OpenSceneGraph Package

On 6/2/06, Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
Christopher Stone wrote:
> I am trying to make a spec file which uses OpenSceneGraph, but some
> really strange things are happening.  When the Producer package is
> installed under mock, it appears that ldconfig is not called which
> creates a mock build error for my package.

What makes you think that?  What was the error?

AFAICT, the OpenSceneGraph spec looks ok to me.

This may be a mock error.  If you try building my srpm file (under
mock) you will notice in the build log that it fails to find
libProducer.  Simply running ldconfig in the chroot environment fixes
this error.

Michael Thomas helped me diagnose the problem on IRC:

19:31:07         _wart_ |  XulChris:  Interesting.  It seems like
ldconfig is not called after Producer is installed, even though the
spec file has %post -n Producer
                          -p /sbin/ldconfig
19:31:23         _wart_ |  If you chroot into your mock root and run
ldconfig -v, you'll see that it fixes the problem.

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