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require foo or bar?

Hi there, 

what if a package requires ether foo or bar to work?

I'd like to package computertemp ( http://computertemp.berlios.de/ ),
a gnome panel applet that shows 
- the the temperature of the computer through lm_sensors
- the disk's temperature with hddtemp.

So my question is: Should I require lm_sensors or hddtemp or both?
The package can be build and used with only lm_sensors or hddtemp,
nevertheless it's whole functionality can only be used with both of

On the other hand: What about ppc users? There's no lm_sensors for ppc,
so these people are not able to use the package if I make it depend on

Another question: This is a noarch python package. 
> BuildArch: noarch
> ExcludeArch: ppc
looks a bit silly to me.


P.S.: The files are @

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