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Summary from this weeks FESCo Meeting

Full log at

== Summary ==

Present from FESCo: thl, skvidal, warren, f13, mschwendt, scop

 * kmod's (once again)
  * Jon Masters (jcm) is working on integrating and enhancing the Fedora
kmod-scheme for RHEL; more details will probably follow soon on
fedora-packaging-list (there was a post there on Friday after the
 * buildsys-build (reduced packageset in default mock buildroot)
  * spot's was not around, but we wanted to solve this 
  * we agreed on the
Exceptions list] from the wiki and added "which" to it; with all deps
rpms pulls in the minimal buildroot for FE5/devel will contain the
packages in [http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/FullExceptionList this
list] (and buildsys-macros).
  * this list will be used for all targets (e.g. also for FE[345])! That
might break some packages on the next rebuild in stable releases! Be
  * skvidal will prepare a new mock with a default buildroot that
contains only the packages from
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines#Exceptions ,
buildsys-macros (and rpm will pull all the deps in)
 * Encourage Extras reviews 
  * tibbs> | No comments received yet on my proposals. I'm happy to just
start working and let folks kick me if I'm going in the wrong direction.
  * warren> | tibbs, that might just be a good idea.
 * MIA/AWOL maintainers (mschwendt, jwb and Michael J Knox)
  * mschwendt> | thl: topic on extras-list has come to a sudden halt --
but we've discovered another AWOL    
  * mschwendt> | would it be a start to track these maintainers in a
list e.g. in CVS owners/mia.list?
  * we'll try that for now and change it later if we need something
  * Some discussions if we can require that maintainers answer some sort
of periodic ping; some liked the idea, other not, other liked the scheme
where all maintainers had to rebuild their packages for FE5 (and thus
show up), others simply want to ping those that were inactive for X
(X=24 ?) weeks
  * thl> | does anyone want to work out a solution?
  * mschwendt> | I think we create a Wiki page which gives guidelines on
how to take over packages and at the same time we add some information
about AWOL/MIA maintainers
 * Co-maintainership
  * People seem to have different exception on this topic. The easy
"Packager A) I would like to have Packager B help me.  Packager B) Ok."
is possible already. But others want more from it; see
[https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-extras-list/2006-June/msg00040.html this mail] for some of the other, more complicated ideas.
  * thl> | let's continue this on the list
 * CVS
  * thl> | I know I'm paranoid ;-)
  * tibbs> | We already have an ACL system for CVS; it seems relatively
simple to just use it.
  * tibbs> | s/relatively simple/simpler than solving the halting
problem/ ?
  * thl> | tibbs, yeah, especially if the scripts that manage the ACL
could easily be adjusted to the new system later
  * thl> | and the CTRL+C problem is still unfixed (that's really
annoying me)
  * thl> | warren, from last weeks meeting: "thomasvs> | it's easily
doable - add an ampersand to the trigger, if it runs in the background
it can't be interrupted"; warren, somebody would have to try that
  * warren> | Okay, I'll look into that.
  * mschwendt> | in the package build report it would be interesting to
see who requested a build
  * a request for a system that sends a mail to package owners if one of
their packages was changed/build is on the FESCo-Schedule/Todo-List for
a long time already, but nobody started to work on it yet. Any
volunteers? BTW, sponsors should also get direct mails for all changes
from people they sponsored. 
  * warren> | We must keep things as open as possible to keep down
overhead, and add in safety automation elsewhere.
  * warren> | Seems like package database would be a big step toward
many of these goals. Would anyone like to work with me in designing the
package database?
  * warren> | Maybe we should put together a list of goals and
prioritize which to do first.
  * Please use
[http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule/PackageDatabase this
page] for the goals; one of the goals is to that this DB replaces

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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