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Re: rpmlint no-soname warning

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

rpmlint has several no-soname warnings like:

W: ejabberd no-soname /usr/lib64/ejabberd-1.1.1/priv/lib/expat_erl.so

So, is there consensus that this is a blocker, and if so, how would
you go about fixing it?

If it was simply in a standard lib location such as /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 then it probably is a blocker, otherwise I'm not sure but have a look at the following which should point you in the right direction for getting it fixed.


This might be useful from the man page of ld.

When creating an ELF shared object, set the internal DT_SONAME field to the specified name. When an executable is linked with a shared object which has a DT_SONAME field, then when the executable is run the dynamic linker will attempt to load the shared object specified by the DT_SONAME field rather than the using the file name given to the linker."

Ian Chapman.

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