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Re: Summary from this weeks FESCo Meeting

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
 * MIA/AWOL maintainers (mschwendt, jwb and Michael J Knox)
  * mschwendt> | thl: topic on extras-list has come to a sudden halt --
but we've discovered another AWOL * mschwendt> | would it be a start to track these maintainers in a
list e.g. in CVS owners/mia.list?
  * we'll try that for now and change it later if we need something
  * Some discussions if we can require that maintainers answer some sort
of periodic ping; some liked the idea, other not, other liked the scheme
where all maintainers had to rebuild their packages for FE5 (and thus
show up), others simply want to ping those that were inactive for X
(X=24 ?) weeks
  * thl> | does anyone want to work out a solution?
  * mschwendt> | I think we create a Wiki page which gives guidelines on
how to take over packages and at the same time we add some information
about AWOL/MIA maintainers

I have been caught up with some Uni assignments and preparing for an exam. I should be able to pick this back up next week.



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