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remove rpmlint no-documentation warning on -devel subpackages?

Hi all,

Yesterday I reproted the following bug:

And Ville asked to discuss this publicy, so here we are.
From the bug report:

For almost each review I do where there is a -devel subpackage I get the
following warning from rpmlint:
W: xxx-devel no-documentation

I would like rpmlint to not emit this warning for -devel subpackages (when coding this better make that an array of possible subpackages for which to not emit this, I'm sure once this is in people will think up other subpackages which usualy don't have docs).

Comment #1 From Ville Skyttä (ville skytta iki fi):

I don't see that warning as spurious, but rather a reminder to check if there are some docs available that would be good to have included in the devel subpackage, just like all other packages.

One warning per such a package isn't exactly an amount of noise that would make it harder to spot other problems, so I'm inclined to leave this as is.


So what do you think?



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