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Re: remove rpmlint no-documentation warning on -devel subpackages?

Ville Skyttä wrote:

I've been thinking of doing something exactly like that for the last few days, I'd be interested in helping out.

Note that rpmlint itself contains some instructions and explanations for
its findings, improvements to those are welcome.  In fact IMHO it would
be better to direct the effort at those first, then add a Wiki page if
still needed.

Too bad lots of people don't seem to be aware of rpmlint's -i and -I
options (see the man page), ideas how to make them more prominent?

I'm largely in agreement with Jason. I think the more dynamic nature of a wiki would mean that people could edit the info and have access to it quicker without waiting for rpmlint releases. A wiki probably has the luxury of allowing explanations and resolutions to be more verbose. This doesn't mean of course that the information can't eventually make its way into rpmlint. I think the wiki would also expose what's consider common or good practice for fixing many issues. I'm not sure you could make the -i/-I options more prominent. Perhaps if rpmlint finds a problem and these options haven't been used, it could print a message saying something like "use -i / -I for more information" although that might be considered as being too noisy.

Ian Chapman.

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