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rpmlint non executable script

Files marked as documentation should not be executable.

But if a file marked as documentation is a non executable shell script,
rpmlint complains.

I do not think this happens when a shell script is installed by the %doc
macro - IE - source TLD has examples/foo.sh which is bundled via

%doc examples/

but it DOES happen if/when the script is already in the filesystem - IE

%doc /usr/share/texmf/doc/latex/bar/foo.rb

where foo.rb is an example ruby script.

A dependency on ruby (and dependency resulting from documentation file)
would result if it were made executable, which is bad because
documentation files should not add dependencies.

But removing the shell bang IMHO is wrong, and is altering (even though
slightly) the upstream documentation when it does not need to be

Should rpmlint suppress the warnings on non executable shell script that
are specifically flagged as documentation?

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