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Re: unable to use mock

cranium2003 wrote:
--- Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:

cranium2003 wrote:
--- Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:

cranium2003 wrote:
There's still something wrong with your
configuration here. You're using fedora-5-i386-core.cfg yet the root is fedora-development-i386-core. What's in /etc/mock/fedora-5-i386-core.cfg?

 Attaching /etc/mock/fedora-5-i386-core.cfg file

The contents of that file are appropriate for
rawhide, not FC5.

If you change all occurrences of "development" in
the file to "5", you should at least pick up the FC5 repos.
 Did it but still same error. Oh god what a
are in using Fedora Extras. How people can use
mock i
dont understand.
When it works, it works well. I wouldn't dream of
using it with a core or updates repository on the Internet myself though - I always use a local mirror, which speeds things up significantly and I can rebuild the metadata myself if it's out of sync.
so if i use local mirror then i can work offline also
i mean ni need to have connected always to Internet

Only if all of the repos in your configuration file have a local mirror. That would include "extras" and the groups "repo". You could get away without the enabling the "local" repo at all.

A local mirror of "core" and "updates" will make a significant difference to mock's performance. A local mirror of "extras" will help, but it won't make as big a difference.

Really finding a good repository is a
tough  task i feel.
   mock -r fedora-5-i386-core.cfg foo.src.rpm
This may take a while
Error peforming yum command: /usr/sbin/mock-helper
groupinstall build build-minimal build-base

and yum --installroot /var/lib/mock/fedora-development-i386-core/root groupinstall build-minimal build-base build

[Errno 4] Socket Error: (11, 'Resource temporarily
Trying other mirror.
Error: failure:
from core: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.
I'd strongly consider using a local mirror, or at
least a decent cache as suggested on the MockTricks wiki page.
 I already did all things from that page. I added all
3 rules then started squid and also i added http_proxy
variable in .bash_profile.
    Still getting error. How to build local
repo/mirror and then how can i use it in build user

See here for creating a local mirror:

Once you've built your mirror (don't forget to keep the updates mirror updated, e.g. using a cron job), you just change the baseurl entries in /etc/mock/*.cfg from the default ones to use your local mirrors instead.


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