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Re: Hula -- mixed mono package


> I'm working on updating the hula spec to the latest version and found
> that some of the programs within hula now depend on mono.  The install
> currently puts the mono packages in /usr/lib/hula and the normal
> binaries and libs into %{_libdir} which appears to be the expected
> outcome.  However, it has a helper application hulamonohelper that drops
> privileges from the server before invoking the mono applications.  This
> is installed in /usr/lib/hula rather than %{_libdir}/hula or
> %{_libexecdir}/hula.  Should I change this or is it actually an
> allowable practice for mono apps?

Add to the top of the spec

%define _libdir %{_exec_prefix}/lib

compile and be happy - mono is a strange beast, accept where it goes and
when you use rpmlint, you can ignore quite a lot of the errors as
rpmlint doesn't understand mono and it's packaging.


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